5 Quick Smart Home Updates to Revamp Your House

June 23, 2016

9:00 pm

Summer sparks the reinvention of a new you. While you are working on your love life and physique, you should also consider working on your home. Smart homes may seem intimidating but here are a few quick summer projects you can do to reinvent your dumb home and bring it to life as a smart one.

Light Bulbs

Change all of your home’s dumb light bulbs into smart, Wi-Fi connected LEDs. Although they are pricier than your average bulb they last longer, they are connected to your phone or tablet and some even change colors. While connecting your entire house may become a small project, changing a room over is rather simple. You can follow CNET’s smart lighting instructions for your first smart home project.

Fire Alarms

Fire alarms should be updated often. These days there are four types of fire alarms to choose from; smart, multifunctional, hardwired and battery operated. Smart fire alarms are a quick and easy way to have the latest technology in your home and to connect it straight to your phone in case of emergencies. Fire alarms should be changed and maintained often so why not make the “smart” choice?


There is no faster way to update your kitchen than to add a smart microwave. It’s like buying a personal robot chef. With sensors that regulate your food so it is cooked to perfection, you’ll never spend hours slaving over the stove again. Or at least you’ll never burn your microwavable dinners and popcorn again. Tovala, a Kickstarter company, is already claiming to have the next big thing in smart microwaves. It can scan your microwave meal and you send recipes incorporated with the item, preserving part of the art of cooking that it seemingly might take away.

Garage Door Openers

A smart garage door opener is not only smart for your safety but it is an easy afternoon project to improve your home. The basic necessities to install a smart garage opener is a Wi-Fi router, broadband internet, a garage and a screwdriver. There may be a few extra tools required but basically it is one of the fastest and easiest ways to connect your home to your phone.

Front Door Locks

Have you ever left the house without locking the door? Have you ever gone back to check and realized you actually did lock the door? Smart locks can help give you peace of mind when you leave your house and alerts when there are intruders. They are a relatively inexpensive and convenient update to make to your home as long as your current locking system is compatible with smart lock technology. A smart home is not a smart home without smart locks.

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