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February 20, 2015

11:30 am

Mary is the owner of a newly launched startup. She recently hired three part-time employees and is spending way too much time creating their schedules each week. Due to the stress of creating employee schedules, Mary wishes there was an easier and faster way to schedule her employees at work.

If you’re a business owner like Mary, you’re probably searching for the best solution for creating employee schedules. When I Work, an employee scheduling software company, takes the pain out of creating and managing the schedules of hourly employees.

How When I Work works

When I Work enables employers to create a work schedule for employees without having to sift through emails, random notes, or time-off request books. This software keeps every employee’s schedule in a single place, making it easier for business owners like Mary to keep track of her employees.

For employers: After a schedule is created and published, employees will receive notifications of their schedule directly to their photo via text and email. If there are any issues with the schedule, employees can log into When I Work and try to get their schedule switched with a co-worker. Employers can approve changes to the schedule directly through When I Work.

For employees: When I Work is a great tool for employees because it enables them to switch shifts with co-workers without having to call their boss or stop by their workplace. Employees can also punch into their shift directly through their mobile device.

Pros of When I Work:

  • Makes employee scheduling fast and easy.
  • Mobile apps available for iOS and Android.
  • Easily make updates to the schedule on-the-go.

Cons of When I Work:


  • After 30 day free trial, the cost is $29 per month for employers.


To learn more about When I Work, visit www.wheniwork.com.


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