NYC, SF, London Top Ranking of Cities for Highest-Paid Developer Jobs

September 30, 2015

12:30 pm

Earlier this year, we looked at the highest average developer salaries for each state in the United States. In that ranking, California led the 50 states with an annual wage of $119,180 for software developers in the state. And a recently released report compiled by Stack Overflow further validates that fact – with San Francisco, CA leading a list of 12 cities around the world offering the highest average developer salary.

According to the comparative study compiled by London & Partners using research from Stack Overflow, San Francisco, New York City, and London are the top three cities for developers hoping to earn the most money for their work. While the intent of the study was to explore the state of London’s tech workforce, the comparative study takes a look at London in comparison to other tech communities around the world.

Aside from looking at the average developer salary for each of the 12 cities, the study looks at the number of professional developers per city. Per those numbers, it seems that London leads the pack with regards to the number of overall developers; however, considering that the study was focused on the London tech scene, it’s important to approach the results with some precaution.

Here’s how the 12 cities rank per average develop salary (in USD $):

12. Budapest, Hungary: $29,286

11. Tallinn, Estonia: $31,176

10. Barcelona, Spain: $38,132

9. Paris, France: $55,200

8. Berlin, Germany: $65,360

7. Stockholm, Sweden: $66,667

6. Amsterdam, Netherlands: $69,298

5. Dublin, Ireland: $70,000

4. Tel Aviv, Israel: $87,500

3. London, UK: $87,622

2. New York: $108,302

1. San Francisco/Silicon Valley, CA: $123,054

To see the full report from Stack Overflow, download it for free here.


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