Danny Friday’s Rap Test Launches, Gets 10,000 Uniques In First 2 Hours

June 12, 2014

7:30 pm

The Rap Test officially went live this morning and in just 2 hours Danny Friday, the developer behind the platform, saw 10,000 uniques join. According to Friday, The Rap Test is the web’s first objective, comprehensive rap knowledge quiz aimed that wants to discover the biggest rap fan in the world.

You may recognize Friday from his previous hit The Kanye Test, which got a big boost in popularity when it hit the front page of Reddit earlier this year. The Rap Test, however, plays 15 second audio clips from over 1,000 rap songs to measure players’ recognition.

“At face value, The Rap Test is an online curtain call for the most knowledgeable hip hop and rap fans in the world to get props,” says Friday. “It’s also a reminder to casual and hardcore fans alike that hip hop artists aren’t just their first and last albums — they’re the b-sides, the exclusive editions, the demos, and the multitude of stories unsung in between.”

Friday believes that our digital culture is quick to simplify rappers lives to their latest tour or the latest album. The Rap Test, on the other hand, challenges that notion using the full discography to emphasize the origin of each artist and their art.

The platform was built to yield worldwide leaderboards in ultimate rap knowledge while mining interesting rap metrics like which artists have the most fans or which songs are most commonly confused. The ultimate goal is to put Fair Use agreements to use for artists.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, step up to the challenge, but don’t get it twisted along the way young blood.




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