Reach a Larger Social Media Audience with Ravox

August 2, 2013

9:00 am

One of the first things that any small business owner does is create a social media presence. It is easy, cost-effective, and gets your brand publicly noticed. But difficulty sets in when you ultimately ask yourself the question: How do I get revenue from my social media fans?

Aji Abraham and Ashley Zimmerman have a solution in Ravox. The peer-to-peer distributed social commerce platform helps small businesses convert social media fans into paying customers.

Ravox utilizes a friend-of-a-friend mentality in an effort to monetize social presence via three outlets: free Facebook store creation, product listings in Ravox’s own marketplace, and access to their social affiliates.

We caught up with Abraham to learn more.

Tech Cocktail: In your opinion, what is the single most important aspect of Ravox?

Aji Abraham: The single most important and unique aspect of Ravox would have to be the social affiliates. Our affiliates are major social media presences that have a lot of followers. Most small business merchants out there have a limited number of fans, so access to our social affiliates helps them extend the reach of their existing social graph.

The friend-of-a-friend aspect of Ravox really comes into play here. Your small business can access the friends and fans of our affiliates, who in turn have their own friends and fans, and so on [and] so forth. It really helps get their social brand spread across multiple channels.

Tech Cocktail: Being a bootstrapped startup, how do you plan to generate interest as you move forward?

Abraham: Right now, we are relying mostly on organic traffic, word-of-mouth advertising from our existing customers, and Facebook. We are planning to implement direct sales and Facebook marketing, as we keep growing, so that we can effectively target larger merchants down the road.

We really try to maintain a focus on the small business so they have a pleasant time using our platform. Ravox gets users online in a matter of minutes, we do not limit product listings, and we offer multiple payout options after you sell your products.

Tech Cocktail: How do you feel about the future of Ravox?

Abraham: The future for Ravox is very bright. Social commerce is still in its infancy, but the market space is definitely growing. Our existing and new customers are providing us with the much-needed momentum we need.

While a vast majority of merchants are not doing anything related to commerce yet, they know they should. And very soon they will; we will be ready for them.

Ravox will be featured at Tech Cocktail’s Chicago Mixer & Startup Showcase on July 25th.

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