Read Entrepreneur Stories on How They Got Their First 3 Customers

January 2, 2015

8:30 pm

Sure, you’ve finalized a great service or product, but how are you going to attract your first customers or users? For many startups, after the initial step of creating a working product, the next arduous task is to create the perfect strategy for user acquisition. Without users or customers actually engaging with what you’re offering and, you know, paying you for those things, then your business will go nowhere. This experience of acquiring customers is different for every entrepreneur – as each business has its own unique model in its own specific industry, each company story is isolated; however, that’s not to say that different perspectives on the startup experience can’t help others. First 3 Customers is a recently launched website by entrepreneur resource web store AppSumo that features stories from various entrepreneurs on how they acquired their first 3 customers.

First 3 Customers was posted on Product Hunt last week and quickly got recognition. The simple and straightforward site features stories from entrepreneurs in different industries sharing how they all managed to acquire their first three customers. Many of the stories actually go further, sharing origin stories about how each entrepreneur found themselves doing what they’re doing now, and even point out tips they feel are important for others to know. It also allows others to submit their own stories to share with the community. It’s a pretty good site; check out some highlights below:

“Lean on your network to find your first few customers…they are likely right in front of you.” – Jake Hower, Fuzed

“My business started and thrives on word of mouth, referrals, and product research.” Cariño Cortez, Pop-up Dinner Chef

“If you give people quality material for free, then they’d pay big for the really good stuff.” Joe Casanova, Bidhitter

“Don’t undervalue what you can provide your customers. Big things come in small packages. Treat people fairly, even if it feels too expensive. Always ask how you can help, you never know what opportunity awaits you!” – Tom Fox, DevOps Consultant

“Set your intention, and follow your passion relentlessly.” Sonja Keller, Mindful Living Counselor

“Pinpoint your exact audience then partner with companies that already have the attention of this audience. Then provide a benefit for them to tell their audience about you.” – Bryan Harris, Videofruit

“If you don’t eat, sleep and breathe what you do, you’ll never stick with it, nor put in the hours necessary to make your business work.” – Adam Gilbert, MyBodyTutor

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