Reading is Great, but Have You Ever Tried Wearing Your Favorite Books?

July 20, 2014

4:00 pm

In 2011 Danny Fein was learning Python while supplementing his learning with online programming courses. The programming exercises were a bit boring though, so Fein spent some time shopping around for a more tangible solution to his programming wants.

Now, it just so happens that Fein is a voracious reader, and one of his best buds from college is an illustrator. When they got together, the two young men bonded over programming, literature, and art to form a wholly new project they called Litographs.

First they divvied up responsibilities; Fein would write Python scripts that would create art out of text to fit his partner’s illustrations. He was able to get his programming practice in while also creating something beautiful.

“The general concept of creating art out of text has been around for hundreds of years,” says Fein.

On their first iteration of Litographs they chose 7 books that had, at one point in their lifetime, been banned. For the next couple of months Litographs was life: boosting programming skills, learning about front end development, and tinkering with ideas for the future.

But then the future hit and Fein moved to Boston to start his JDMBA in 2013 at Harvard. He took one year off before starting his graduate schooling though, and Fein decided to run with Litographs and see where it took him.

The risk was huge, but fortune favors the bold my friends. Fein was able to recognize the enormous potential in his startup, and within one calendar year Litographs was operating so successfully that Harvard didn’t even matter anymore.

Instead, Fein was dead-set on making products that helped people express their passion for books. Every code that he writes is printed out in a beautiful design of text-as-art using a dye sublimation process.

A Tale of Two Cities

And when it comes to sourcing text for their clothes, Litographs still deals exclusively with public domain books. The Litographs team thinks that the public domain offers so much to us on a daily basis, but a lot of people don’t quite see it all – they want to get eyes on it and their company at the same time.

It was only a matter of time before somebody caught the scent of success on the wind, and, as it happens, the first responder was The VegasTechFund. They saw two things inherent in Litographs: a strong company idea and a nimble, flexible team that can roll out new products and partnerships quickly.

“I had the opportunity to come to Downtown Vegas last spring,” says Fein. “It’s just really exciting to have this area with energy, resources, and community that we can come in and be a part of.”

Fein and his crew at Litographs will be keeping their HQ in Cambridge, Massachusetts as they focus on building out their collection of titles. Further, Fein will be rolling out a weekly release program where he drops new hotness on everybody via contemporary looks with a twist of public domain.

And Fein assures us, “Between now and the end of the year expect great things.”

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