Hate Employee Scheduling? ReadySetWork is Here to Help

July 19, 2011

10:00 am

Do you love your business, but find yourself spending much too much time with back-end tasks such as scheduling instead of doing what you love? You aren’t alone. Business owners consistently search for ways to operate more efficiently, because quite frankly, back-end operations often aren’t the sexiest of responsibilities.

Enter ReadySetWork, a Philadelphia-based startup that has set out to revolutionize scheduling and communication in the workplace via a web-based scheduling platform. And, yes, it has mobile application integration.

Despite boasting clichés such as “Schedule more efficiently”, “communicate more effectively”, “work smarter, not harder”, and “find the finish line at the end of the day”, ReadySetWork is a powerful tool in the employers’ toolbox.

Need to schedule or update your employee shifts on the fly? No problem. Are your employees tired of having to call in for someone to read them a schedule posted on an office wall? No longer necessary. Wondering if an employee can come in an hour earlier but don’t know where they are? ReadySetWork provides instant communication.

Offering three tiers of pricing on a per employee basis – $1.50 (1-50 employees), $1.25 (51-100 employees), $1.00 (101+ employees) – every customer enjoys an identical feature-set while eliminating the need to choose from different option plans. From day one, every customer gets full access to the platform.

If you think you or your employer would benefit from a scheduling overhaul, you may be in luck. Submit your “Craziest Work Schedule in America,” story to My Work is Crazy for a chance to win a grand prize of $500 and a one year of free employee scheduling services from ReadySetWork. The contest runs through December 1, 2011, and you can visit My Work is Crazy to upload, rate, and comment on crazy employee work schedules.

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