Real-Time Scheduling: A New Reality With Atlas

April 2, 2013

3:00 pm

Atlas is known in Greek mythology as the primordial titan who held up the celestial sphere. The poet Virgil commonly associated adjectives with these titans to help describe their nature of being. For Atlas, he chose the Latin durus: hard, enduring. Apply that knowledge to Hunter Gray and Michel Bayan’s time scheduling platform, aptly named Atlas, and you see how it applies to scheduling. Just as the titan held up the Earth, this app supports your scheduling world.

“Scheduling sucks,” says Gray. And it does, especially when trying to schedule anything on a mobile platform. One of the major problems facing coordinated scheduling to date has been wondering who is using iCal, Google, or Outlook and whether there are compatibility issues. Gray and Bayan want to eliminate these, among many other issues, by standardizing scheduling.

First and foremost, Atlas seeks to reduce the onslaught of emails by eliminating the need to use email; it is a pretty simple solution. Whatever is being set up, whether with friends, family, or coworkers, it all appears on Atlas’ streamlined Collaboration Newsfeed. Every user involved with a task can access this feed to influence the schedule in real-time via Appointment Negotiation. You can find the best time to meet directly from calendar to calendar. “We have built the fastest mobile calendar on the planet with Appointment Negotiation,” boasts Gray.

Additionally, Atlas supports the creation and assignment of tasks. The app takes the initiative to automatically populate task lists and notify the group when said task is accomplished. Aside from tasks, sharing ideas has never been easier with instant sharing for colleagues. And with Atlas’ integration into your phone contacts, all of this can be initiated with a simple call or text. And remember, this all takes place via Collaboration Newsfeed updates in real-time.

Gray and Bayan have big plans for the growing Atlas. It is constructed on an inherently viral platform that allows mobile users to invite anybody to groups, events, or tasks regardless of whether they have the app or not. It is designed to spread from phone to phone and ultimately emerge as the top candidate for time scheduling when it expands to web and desktop platforms in the future. “I spent five years in Network Marketing where I experienced the hassle of scheduling appointments on a daily basis,” explains Gray. From his perspective, and that of his current users, the world needs the enduring support of Atlas – and it is difficult to disagree.

As for Atlas’ competitors, Doodle has not been able to focus on a mobile platform, while clinging heavily to email. Both ScheduleOnce and TimeBridge have zero mobile components and rely, once again, heavily on email. Atlas truly is the first of its kind and holds the keys to unlocking untapped productivity on individual, team, and large scales.

Like the mythical Atlas, Gray and Bayan will never stop supporting their base. “We’re always the largest team and – always – we’re the loudest” says Gray, excitedly. “We get loud, we get passionate. We love it.” And you will too when you get it on release. You might even wonder if Atlas himself is supporting the grand nature of this app when the weight of your hectic scheduling life is lifted off your shoulders and onto those of Atlas. Android and iOS welcome.


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