Real-Time Translations Connect Thousands, Thanks to Babelverse

October 26, 2012

3:00 pm

Imagine you are on vacation in France, but you know not a lick of French. You need to talk to a doctor after breaking an arm, or you want to ask out a good-looking French person, but what do you say? Cue Babelverse.

With a few quick taps on the Babelverse app, you bring up a real, live interpreter who translates your conversation just as they would if they were standing next to you. This is the grand vision that cofounders Mayel de Borniol and Josef Dunne have for Babelverse.

“We aim to do to language barriers what the aeroplane did to geographical barriers by gathering millions of multilingual members all over the world,” their website proclaims. Or, put a different way, “Our vision is the seemingly science-fictional idea of everyone being able to simply talk to each other in their respective native languages, and seamlessly understand each other.”

The problem with live translation has always been unreliable machines. Borniol and Dunne have successfully overcome this roadblock and implemented a reliance on human-to-human interaction instead. “Babelverse relies on people to preserve the quality, context, cultural relevance, tone, and emotion of the spoken word. No algorithm can do that,” Borniol and Dunne point out.

Their technology can already be used to translate big, multilingual conferences in real time. It streamlines efficiency by reducing the size of equipment to a smartphone and eliminating machine error, all while promoting new human connections.

Babelverse is only headed in one direction – up. And when a developer turns down funding to make certain that their program works, you know you have a winner. Borniol and Dunne put the consumer ahead of everything else. With their team’s drive and passion, it is easy to see how, soon, everybody could be talking to everybody with only a little help from Babelverse. So drop the clunky language-to-language dictionary, and get on board with the new hotness.

Babelverse was a showcased startup at our Tech Cocktail San Francisco mixer.

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