4 Reasons You Need to Think About a Career in Health IT

January 4, 2016

5:00 pm

You know IT is a solid career choice -but did you know there’s a shortage of talent, and new opportunities continue to arise as technology advances? Niche fields may present some of the best opportunities, and health IT is one of the fastest growing areas.

Although health IT requires specialized skills and advanced experience, the field has a lot to offer to talented professionals. Here are a few reasons to consider making a transition to a career in health IT:

Competitive Salaries

Everyone wants a bigger paycheck, and health IT offers some of the top salaries in tech. On average, health IT professionals earn $87,443 a year, according to the 2015 Healthcare Information Technology Salary Report conducted by my company, HealthITJobs.com. But that number can significantly change depending on job type, employer, and experience.

For example, those with an IT certification earn an average of $95,689.02, compared with $82,367.48 among those without. Experience in the field is valuable, and the more health IT experience you have, the more money you can expect to make. While those with less than two years of experience make $62,780 on average, those with more than 10 years of experience can expect to make well over $100,000. That means as you progress and your career grows, so will your salary.

Top Benefits

In addition to high salaries, health IT jobs also offer top perks and benefits. Many health IT jobs allow employees the option to work from home part-time, while others offer flexible schedules. In fact, health IT professionals rated work-life balance among the top perks of their current position in the 2015 Job Satisfaction survey conducted by my company, HealthITJobs.com.

A career in health IT also provides traditional benefits like health insurance, 401k plans, paid vacation, dental insurance, and vision insurance.

Satisfying Jobs

Health IT jobs not only pad the wallet, but they also satisfy the need for a fulfilling career. The 2015 Job Satisfaction survey found that 62.6 percent of respondents were satisfied with their jobs, and 76.6 percent said they would recommend their employers to their friends and colleagues. Why?

In addition to high salaries, health IT jobs offer professionals opportunities to advance their careers and grow their skillsets. Professionals can specialize their tech skills or focus on leadership and project management. After all, those in management positions earn the most in health IT, the 2015 Healthcare Information Technology Salary Report found.

The field is always changing, and professionals work with new systems and hospitals. Health IT work also benefits patient care, and knowing your work has a purpose is fulfilling.

In-Demand Field

A job in health IT is a career for life — there will always be health IT jobs available for talented professionals. Health IT professionals are in high demand, and there’s a shortage of skilled workers in the field.

The Affordable Care Act and advancements in technology and healthcare will continue to drive the need for health IT talent. So even as more professionals become certified and enter the industry, there will be more than enough health IT jobs to go around.  

According to a study published by Grand View Research, Inc. in October, the global market for health IT is expected to reach $103 billion by 2020. Demands for point of care diagnostics and home healthcare for an aging population around the world, are driving the growth of the industry, the report indicates.

Although the field is constantly changing, health IT jobs are stable in that professionals are guaranteed a job in the field for their entire career.

Health IT jobs aren’t easy, and the field requires complex and specialized skills. But for those who are up to the challenge, the industry offers lasting and satisfying career opportunities.

Are you considering a career in health IT? Tell us why in the comments below!

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