Recap: Amazon Web Services Startup Tour DC

May 29, 2009

11:16 pm

As many of you know, or maybe not, I am a huge fan and proponent of Amazon’s Web Services. A couple of years ago, Amazon started its offering with S3 (Simple Storage Solution) and has continued to add another great service after another. Back then I even went so far as to dream up a startup idea based around S3 and created my own web service on top of it, MyDropBin. Since then I have gotten much more involved with many of their other offerings and now do some consulting to help other small startups in the area build an utilize these cloud platforms.

Some of there other offerings include

  • EC2
  • SimpleDB
  • CloudFront
  • CloudWatch
  • DevPay

and so on. If you are not familiar, make sure to head over to to check them all out, and if you need any help, just let me know. In any case, I was excited when I saw they were doing a startup tour around the country. Talking about the products and also showcasing small, and large companies that are utilizing their products to build really cool companies. The great thing about the products that Amazon is offering, is they allow the smallest of businesses and individuals the ability to become large, or seem that way, without the hassle and huge costs associated with that. Withing 15 minutes if I wanted to, I could have over 1000 servers up and running at 10 cents an hour for each. 3 years ago this would have never been possible. Then when I am done, they shut down and I pay for only what I used.

It was a really great event with a lot of really smart people there to learn and share. Below are some videos of the event, including Adam Selipsky the Vice President of Amazon Web Services, Matt Corgan Co Founder of and others. Pay particular attention to Matt’s talk as he really breaks down the numbers and shows how Amazon helps out him and his developers.

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