Top 10 Job Markets for Recent College Grads

June 1, 2016

10:00 am

There are just a couple times in life when most people find themselves free to move wherever they’d like. The big one? Right after wrapping up your graduation ceremony and before you’ve located the perfect workplace. You never know when you’ll the amount of freedom that is practically forced on gradates. But what location—out of every state in the U.S.—holds the most perfect cities for recent college grads?

First, we’ll need to establish what we’re looking for. Affordability is key. San Francisco and New York sound like classy places, but rent alone will bleed you dry if you can’t land an amazing job straight out of college. Take our word for it.

Also important to consider: the entry-level job openings in each city, and the number of other recent grads already there. That last number is easy to forget, but you’ll definitely want plenty of peers to hang out with. Not to freak you out, but it’s easy to lose friends in your twenties and tough to pick up new ones.

Real estate site Trulia teamed up with LinkedIn to provide the data on all three factors. The verdict: The best cities for recent college grads in the U.S. tend to be located in the east: Pittsburgh, PA, takes the number one slot, while two other PA locations, Philadelphia and Montgomery County, slipped into the top 10. Here’s the lowdown on those ten metro areas, though Trulia provides a ton more information and a download of all the data on their site.

Just remember to factor in rent and job availability alongside the wages you’re looking for! Also, if you wind up in Pittsburgh, do yourself a favor and check out the winter ice rink at PPG Place.


Image: Flickr / Brian Donovan

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