Reddit to Give 2014 Ad Revenue to User-Voted Charities

February 25, 2015

10:00 am

Last year reddit took a firm stance on advertising, stating that they would be committing 10 percent of their 2014 ad revenue to ten different charities, voted on by the entire reddit community. Part of the reason reddit decided to do this is because they want to show that the ad revenue for reddit doesn’t have to only benefit reddit; in fact, it can benefit the goals and causes championed by the community members as well.

On Wednesday, February 25 the voting will close and the winners will be announced 24 hours afterwards. Each winner will receive $82,765.95, and while users can vote on as many different charities as they want they can only vote for each once.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to give back to your favorite organizations without actually spending a dime, but more importantly, it’s a brilliant show of collaboration between reddit and Charity Navigator.

As it currently stands the organization at the top of the list is the Fight for the Future (FFTF), officially named the Center for Rights. At 176 overall votes, they’re leagues ahead of the current second place finisher, NPR, at 17 votes.

“This is a big deal for Fight for the Future, because since the very beginning tons of reddit users have gotten involved in the work we’ve done, from defeating SOPA, to stalling CISPA 3 times, to organizing in the wake of the Snowden revelations. And now, net neutrality,” says the FFTF team, Holmes Wilson, Tiffiniy Cheng, Evan Greer, Vasjen Katro, and Jeff Lyon in an email.

The FCC is poised to make a decision on Net Neutrality soon, and that means organizations like FFTF will need a sizeable chunk of change to fend off lobbyists.

“For some big organizations, $82,765.95 would be just a drop in the bucket or a nice bonus. But for our tiny team it would let us do so much more on net neutrality, and other issues,” says the team.

Taking this case as an example, you can see how important getting this amount of money would be for a charity like Operation Kindness, a no kill animal shelter; Tinkersmiths, a nonprofit that supports early tech learning; or The Ada Initiative, an organization that supports women in tech.

And these are just a few of the organizations vying for the top ten spots to get their part of the funding. At the end of the day, even though some will lose out, it’s good to see mainstream companies incorporating social good into the fabric of their platform.

Make sure to cast your vote before the polls close!



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