Redesign in Apple TV Essential For Its Marketing Strategy

June 27, 2015

2:00 pm

Over the last ten years, Apple Inc. has quickly risen to prominence as the most important company in the world. It can be said that not everyone in the market will agree with statements like this but it is difficult to argue with the contention that Apple has made a good amount of progress in expanding its global consumer reach throughout that period.

So the next question for market consumers and tech investors alike is whether or not Apple has seen its heyday — and whether or not the company has a sufficient product pipeline to maintain its position in the world of tech. A good deal of criticism has been centered on Apple in the last few years because the company has failed to replicate the initial excitement that surrounded flagship products like the iPod and iPhone. It is clear, at this stage that Apple will need to revitalize some of its core products in order to rekindle interest in its brand.

One potential product candidate is Apple TV, which has largely failed to gain a substantial foothold even among its core consumer base. Early last year, we saw widespread rumors that Comcast was in negotiations with Apple to allow streaming media to operate on alternate sections of its network (which are less congested by network usage). This could allow the company to expand on its consumer base, and this would be important because we look at recent stock futures reports, there is growing evidence that Wall St. investors have started to revise lower their long-term expectations for the company. This is significant because it can have a psychological impact on the consumer base and on the ways the company is covered in the media.

Other factors relating to Apple TV deal with the company’s plan to develop a unified television service that is completely internet-based that offers both on-demand and live programming. There has already been some stalling in this area but recent progress does suggest that we could see a revamped product in Apple TV before the end of this year. For Apple, this is essential because it will allow the company to add new channels, and introduce a wider array of services to its consumer base. Recent reports from the Financial Times suggested that Apple TV plans to introduce video game support and various control hubs for its domestically interconnected HomeKit tools.

With all of this in mind, it will be important for Apple to keep its eye on the ball and to continue to revamp its products in ways that interest its core consumer base. Many industry analysts have argued that Apple has maxed-out its potential in products like the iPhone and the iPad but the same cannot be said for newer products like Apple TV. For these reasons, there is real potential for progress and adept planning in these areas will help keep Apple in the forefront of the consumer consciousness as we head into next year.


Image Credit: Flickr/bfishadow

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