A Refurbished Tech Device: A Smart Buy or Not?

June 12, 2017

9:20 am

When you’re in the market looking for gadgets to purchase, you’ve probably noticed how there are lots of manufacturers offering you with refurbished versions of electronic devices. Most people equate this to buying a used, beaten up car. However, this article will show you that they are wrong.

New Is Not Always Better

It’s just perfectly normal to think that “refurbished” is not a term that would convince you to buy a certain product. Technophiles even think that it’s a dirty word. After considering the hidden advantages and savings that you can benefit from in buying refurbished tech items, you’ll definitely change the way you think.

Refurbished vs. Used

There is a huge difference between products that are refurbished and used. Products that are labeled as “used” have been owned by the previous owners for quite a long time. If a used product has been handled properly by the owner, then you will be getting a discount on an item that’s in reasonable condition. However, they are sold as-is. This means if a used hard drive that you’ve just purchased fails after you’ve used it for a month, you are the one who’s required to fix it.

As for refurbished units, they are those that have been returned to the sellers or manufacturers for some reason. These units cannot be labeled as brand new. What sellers and manufacturers do is they fix any issue with the items and sell them as refurbished. Most of the time, the issues are not even defects.

Here are a few of the reasons why a product will be sold as a refurbished unit:

  • Demo or floor model unit
  • Journalist or blogger review model
  • Item damaged from shipping
  • Returned product (unopened)
  • Product with a defective part
  • Product with an open box (the item is still unused)

Choosing the Right Retailers and Brands

Even though refurbished tech devices are good as they are, there’s a caveat in securing deals: you have to be wary of whom you buy these items from. A survey conducted by Consumer Electronics Association showed that 89 percent of refurbished sellers test returned products before selling them and 50 percent upgrade internal hardware or software, while 84 percent clean or repair the items.

It is essential that you conduct your own thorough investigation regarding the process of a manufacturer for refurbishment. You should also weight in the warranties that are offered.

Another key to buying worry-free refurbished tech devices is to make sure that the return policy of the merchant for refurbished items is crystal clear. Just like with new items, it is best if you purchase from retailers that offer refunds if it happens that a product isn’t satisfactory. Avoid sellers that have the “a sale is final” policy.

While there’s risk involved with the purchase of refurbished products, the tips that we have given you should help you snatch good deals and let you make the most out of refurbished or open box goods.

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