ReliefBand Wearable Helps Combat Nausea

January 5, 2016

1:15 pm

Wearables are becoming more and more sophisticated, and, in turn, more and more popular. So of course there are going to be a ton of them on display at CES this year. A lot of them will focus on health and fitness, since that seems to be the most common (for obvious reasons) purpose of wearables. While the majority of wearables do things like track steps, heart rate, calorie burn, and other key metrics, some of them help treat real health issues.

home-reliefbandThe ReliefBand helps treat nausea associated with motion sickness and morning sickness. It uses an FDA-approved patented technology that involves programmed pulses with highly specific waveform, frequency, and intensity to stimulate the median nerve on the underside of the wrist. The process, called neuromodulation, uses the body’s natural neural pathways to block the waves of nausea produced by the stomach. It is similar to that used in the motion sickness wrist bands you’ve seen around for years (you may even use them yourself). It provides a non-drug solution without any of the safety concerns or side effects of RX medications.

The pulses generated by the device provide signals to the central nervous system and to other parts of the brain that cue nausea. The signals modulate the neural pathways between the brain and the stomach, via the vagus nerve. The end result is restored normal gastric rhythm and no more nausea.

The creator, ReliefBand Technologies, is a leader in therapeutic technology. They use neurotechnology to provide  personalized medical treatments, which people can control on their own.

Just last month, ReliefBand Technologies raised $5 million in a round led by PathoCapital. They plan to use the money to fuel the consumer market introduction of ReliefBand, especially the target markets of pregnant women, cruise ship vacationers, and other travelers.

The company will be unveiling commercial units of the device at CES January 6-9, 2016 at the Sands Expo Center, Hall C Booth #73152.

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