5 Things to Remember While Working With Someone You Hate

March 29, 2017

3:30 pm

People say it all the time: hate is a strong word. Unfortunately, the chances of getting along with everyone you work with are equivalent to those of winning the lottery at the exact same moment you’ve been hit by lightning. There are always going to be people you hate, especially in a business setting. Fortunately, there are a few ways to deal with these toxic emotions that don’t involve throwing a chair through a conference room window.

It’s important to remember that ignoring the problem is not an option. The only guarantee I can offer here is that avoidance will not work out in the long term for you nor for your career. As everyone knows, negative emotions have a tendency to fester when unattended to, and the office is hardly a place to try to figure that out.

Keeping these five things in mind when you’re working with someone you hate could make all the difference in the future.

You Can’t Get Along With Everyone

Like all human beings, you dislike some people. That’s okay. Whether it’s in your social life or in the office, being annoyed by a fellow human being is completely normal and everyone does it. You’re not a bad person just because you’d rather not spend time with someone.

Particularly in an office setting, where you’re not hand selecting the people you will spend an inordinate amount of time with, people are bound to experience this dislike even more. But you have to get a long, so figure out a way to do it.

Figure Out Why You Hate Them

Whether it’s because they purposefully undermine your ideas in front of management or just because they chew gum too loud, finding the reason behind your hatred is an important step in working with them without losing your cool.

It could be a simple annoyance. It could be a deep-seeded insecurity that you aren’t addressing. Or it could be the fact that they chew gum really loud. Either way, the enemy you know is better than the enemy you don’t.

Stay Calm

Whether it’s in the office or on Facebook, shouting matches never end well. Even if this person knows how to push all your buttons, you are in control of your own emotional state.

If you need to take deep breaths or do some impromptu yoga, then go for it. Because it’s absolutely imperative that you avoid getting into a knock-down drag-out fight in the middle of an HR presentation.

Seek Support

Hating someone you work with is hard. But if you don’t have a friend in the fight, it can be a lot worse. Find someone in the office that values your time and your friendship to comfort you in these stressful times.

And if worst comes to worst, at least you have someone that has your back in an argument and is willing to provide you with an alibi.

You Can’t Win Them All

Unless you’re Serena Williams, you can’t win them all. Dealing with someone you hate at work isn’t always going to go smoothly. Sometimes you’re going to have to admit defeat and live to fight another day.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that working with someone you hate doesn’t have to be terrible. Just figure out how to manage your emotions and ignore them as much as possible.

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