Remidi T8: World’s First Musical Instrument Wearable

March 10, 2016

2:11 pm

The musical industry has highly benefited from all the advancements in technology. Even though some classical genres like rock or jazz have not changed a lot over the years, more “experimental” styles such as electronic music rely on technology in order to thrive, evolve and expand. But is there still room to innovate and create revolutionary products in this field?

Remidi, a young company based in Austin (TX), definitely thinks so. They have created the T8, the world’s first wearable instrument to record, play and perform, that has the potential to change the way we make and play music. In a simplistic way, the T8 can be thought of a wearable MIDI controller, but is actually much more than that.

This “high-tech glove” translates natural gestures of the users’ hands into music, making it a very intuitive device to use and especially useful for DJs and VJs. It has eight built-in sensors throughout the entire hand, allowing for a vast set of different combinations.

The T8 consists on the glove as well as an attached bracelet, that allow users to play on any surface they want, like their own body, another instruments, and so on. It comes with an app, available for computers, tablets and smartphone, which is designed to work with MIDI softwares, in the MIDI mode, or other softwares to remix tracks on-the-go, with the Audio mode.

Remidi’s T8 is a revolutionary device, in the sense that it allows players to create beats, improvise melodies and remix songs in the easiest way ever, especially because there is no learning process. This device can also expand musicians’ creativity in terms of performance, is there are no physical ties to an external hardware such as a laptop or a mixing table.

The T8 is having a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter which, with 9 days to go, has more than double the goal of $50,000. For anyone interested in getting a T8 earlier, the Kickstarter campaign currently allows pledgers to get one for $229.

Considering the success of this campaign and the revolutionary potential of the device, it is almost certain that the Remidi T8 will be under the spotlight in a very near future.

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