Stay On Top of Assignments With Remind101

March 31, 2011

1:30 pm

Keeping up with assignments, projects, and tests can be difficult.  Many students put important dates and deadlines listed in the class syllabus in their planner or calendar.  This can be time consuming, and if you forget to check your calendar regularly, there is a chance you could miss something big.  That’s where Remind101 comes in.

Remind101 is a web application that sends text or emails reminding students when assignments are due. All a user has to do is enter the syllabus into Remind101 and set how they want to be notified.  This is all very cool, but the true genius behind Remind101 is that once a student or teacher uploads a complete syllabus, other students can subscribe to that course and start receiving notifications. There’s none of the headache of inputting a bunch of dates into a calendar for each class and none of the pain of missing assignments or forgetting about a test. Such an amazingly simple idea.  Wish this existed when I was in school.

Right now Remind101 is being tested at Michigan State and currently has 1,500 students using the product.  Come meet the guys behind Remind101 at Tech Cocktail Chicago tonight.

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Mark Bebawy (@markbebawy) is a Washington, D.C. metro native with a passion for all things web, social media, and startup related. Mark has an extensive background in technology, having worked in the field running his own IT consulting company that catered to small business.

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