Remote Interview is Changing How IT Employees Get Hired

June 28, 2015

2:00 pm

Most companies maintain an IT department, and coders can be an invaluable aspect of this team. However, this is not a skill-set that can be accurately reflected by a resume or CV file. The reality is that anyone can claim to have advanced coding abilities, and they might even be able to fulfill your basic requirements if they have a lot of time available to complete each project. Unfortunately, this is not a good way to keep your business running smoothly, so you need to be able to determine during the interview phase who can code quickly and accurately enough to prevent unnecessary delays. This is where steps in, and they have the potential to change everything about the way you hire IT employees.

How Does This Process Work?

Instead of bringing your top candidates to the office to discuss coding and other IT concerns, you can conduct part of the interview remotely via the RemoteInterview platform. Within this platform, you will have the ability to assign tasks to each interviewee so that you can see exactly how much coding skill they actually have. In fact, you will be able to watch them coding in real-time, and this can remove any concerns about just how quickly they will be able to work on developing new code if you decide to make them the newest member of your staff.

Prescreening Saves Even More Time

Are you torn between a stack of resumes that is half an inch thick? There is no need to host in-person or remote interviews with tons of candidates. Instead, RemoteInterview offers a prescreening process that will filter out individuals who do not meet your criteria. You can choose from existing coding tests or create your own, and the system will automatically give each candidate a score based on their performance. From there, you can quickly reject or approve each person, and this will help you create a much smaller list for the interview process.

Is RemoteInterview a Viable Option for Longevity?

It is easy to determine that the RemoteInterview platform is a good option for employers who need to screen a large number of IT candidates, but it is also understandable that some companies are hesitant to switch to a new process without a proven history of success. RemoteInterview was launched in 2014, and it has already attracted a long list of major clients and industry praise. For example, RemoteInterview won the Silver Award for Best Startup at APICTA 2014, and they were also named by Google for Entrepreneurs to the list of only 16 startups invited to participate in Blackbox Connect Fall 2014.

With the industry kudos and all of the time-saving perks associated with the RemoteInterview process, it is no wonder that major businesses such as Microsoft and CISCO have already taken advantage of this platform. When you add to this the fact that hiring the wrong employees can harm your company via lost customers, damage to office morale and missed opportunities, it makes perfect sense to add a new layer of prescreening for IT team members.

Image by Dave Dugdale/ Flickr

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