Reporting Tool Megalytic Releases Mega Update

September 10, 2014

3:00 pm

For digital marketers and agencies, it can take hours or even up to a full day to create a report. While resources such as Google Analytics, AdWords and Webmaster tools make gathering and sorting information easier, it’s still a long process to compile reports using this data. However, there’s a new SaaS reporting tool call Megalytic that will make the reporting process faster, easier and customized.

“I decided there had to be a better way so we started working on Megalytic and it has features where you can drag and drop and build the reports you need for your Google analytics data,” says Mark Hansen, the CEO of Megalytic.

Today, Megalytic has announced a major upgrade with new features. When I spoke to Hansen, he walked me through Megalytic on my computer screen. I was amazed at how fast and easy it took to make a chart, graph or report—most time less than 60 seconds! For a blogger, it would be the equivalent of using WordPress where you get a professional looking site that you can make from your own computer – there are easy to use widgets, various templates, customization and more. Here’s what you should know:

  • Access for multiple users:With Megalytic, more than one person can work on a report, which makes it easy to collaborate: “One of the biggest features is for multiple users. Just like in Google docs, if you’re working on writing a document with somebody else and making changes you will see them in real time,” says Hansen.
  • Template Reports:The templates allows users to instantly create a report focused on one specific area : “Instead of having to start with a blank slate, you select a template, click once to get a pre-built report and you’re done. If you need to make modifications to the template you can make changes and save them to create your own template specific to your needs,” says Hansen.
  • Demographics:“We have widgets for demographic data from Google Analytics, so you can now report on age, gender and interests,” says Hansen.
  • Updated Interface:With the new interface, it’s very easy to drag and drop charts and graphics (see the screen shots below)

In addition to the features mentioned above, Megalytic also provides a powerful comment editor, cover pages and customizable branding. The new features are available as of today along with 14-day trial of Megalytic.

More about Megalytic and Hansen

Megalytic was founded in 2011 by Mark Hansen, who also studied computer science at MIT. Before creating Megalytic, he put reports together for marketing clients and discovered it was a grueling process.

“One of the problems I noticed was that a lot of people found it very difficult to produce reports,” says Hansen of his former experience. “Reporting is becoming increasingly important for general marketers and clients want data showing the impact that marketing is having.”

Essentially, he created the company to build enhanced reporting tools for digital marketers and professionals. According to a press release, its customers include agencies, freelancers, and in-house analysts who need to produce engaging reports for clients, management or marketing colleagues.

Here are some of the charts and graphs you can create on Megalytic:

Demographics Chart: Megalytic now includes widgets for building charts and tables from Google Analytics demographic data. This screenshot shows a chart that presents website traffic and bounce rate data by age group.
Enhanced User Interface: Megalytic now includes a drag-and-drop user interface that enables a user to drag charts and tables from the library directly into the report where they want them to appear. This screenshot shows a Goal Conversion chart being dragged into an existing report.
Report Templates: Megalytic now includes a library of pre-built report templates making it fast and easy to produce common types of digital marketing reports. This screenshot shows the library where a user can select the template to use for creating a report.

According to press release, as of now Megalytic has thousands of users and in dozens of countries. As the company grows and more agencies see the benefit of using Megalytic, it will hopefully revolutionize and disrupt the reporting industry.
“It generally makes the reporting a lot faster and a lot easier, and produces a better, higher quality result,” says Hansen.


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