Resourced Media: Discover, Reuse, Repurpose, and Distribute Your DAM Content

July 19, 2014

4:00 pm

Carving out a niche in the Software as a Service (SaaS) market can be difficult because there are so many different angles of approach. At the same time though, that’s part of what makes it such a booming niche for tech startups.

Troy Hicks, founder of the Las Vegas based Resourced Media, has only been in the SaaS market for a few months at this point, but he’s already snagged three big clients. Sam Mills, Eprep-Services, and VCP all saw the benefit in taking advantage of Resourced Media’s Digital Asset Management (DAM).

As Hicks calls it, the Resourced DAM offers small to medium sized companies a way to compete with larger, global organizations. Operating via rich media like audio, video, images, and documents, Resourced DAM centralizes content into one place.

Each digital asset is wrapped in metadata, given a screen preview, and built into a full indexed search function. I sat down with Hicks to learn more about the platform and how the Resourced DAM helps clients discover, reuse, repurpose, and distribute their content like a larger company would.

Tech Cocktail: Where did the idea for Resourced Media come from?

Troy Hicks: The idea behind Resourced DAM came out of working in the content industry for many years. Historically, due to price and complexity DAM was only available to the largest of companies with budgets of at least a million dollars for a DAM implementation, such as former clients like Warner Brothers, Twentieth Century Fox, and WalMart.

Resourced DAM was created to give small and medium-sized businesses the same marketing advantages that the world’s largest corporations already enjoy. With over twenty years of experience in the field, Resourced DAM’s team is able to provide excellent service at a price most businesses can afford.

Tech Cocktail: What were some of the major challenges getting started?

Hicks: The major challenges we faced when starting Resourced Media have been similar to many start-ups: access to capital, access to talent, and of course finding clients that will trust a young company with valuable and sensitive data.

One major accomplishment to date has been the release our product and hearing from customers that it is extremely simple to use, making a significant difference in how their business functions. More than one client has told us that they “don’t know how they ever did this before they signed on to use Resourced DAM.”

Tech Cocktail: What are you doing to beat out competitors?

Hicks: Resourced DAM is a mature, full-featured digital asset management system. The product benefits from our staff’s many years of experience in determining what companies require from a system in order to be successful.

We differentiate ourselves from the other major players in the space by offering very hands-on, fully-managed service. Digital Asset Management is typically a marketing department tool that is implemented and run by IT, who usually views it as just another system to support.

At Resourced Media we work with both your marketing and IT groups to support and build a best-of-breed solution that works great for marketing and sales without putting undue stress on IT.  For smaller companies that might not have a dedicated IT group, we handle the technical requirements and support.

Our current marketing is very grass roots; while we are marketing to many industries, we have not jumped into full marketing mode. We are reaching out to potential clients with a direct sales force, as well as presenting our system at different industry trade shows and events.

Tech Cocktail: How do you see Resourced Media fitting into a larger trend?

Hicks: Everything that can be digital now is. Organizations who succeed must be able to provide consumers information in multiple formats and to multiple end points quickly and simultaneously.  Consumers make decisions differently than in the past.  Decisions are more informed, through online research and social networking. We have moved past an age where companies were able to go to market in a staged approach; a company without a DAM system will not be able to compete and grow in the fast paced market of today.




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