Resultly Launches Publicly, Keeps Tabs on Deals for You

November 27, 2012

1:00 pm

Chicago-based startup Resultly launched publicly today with an iPhone app that sends you real-time alerts on the things you want to buy or do.

With Resultly, you can set alerts on jobs in your area paying over $100,000, flights to Hawaii under $300, or two-bedroom Craigslist apartments for under $1,500. Besides deals, you can also monitor social media, like Facebook posts that mention your ex. The app scours the web for relevant matches and delivers them to you in near real-time.

It’s tough to find a good word for what Resultly does. Their homepage says “streaming results.” But perhaps the best way to think of it is a bulked-up version of Google Alerts, with filters for nearly anything.

“We have struggled to explain the concept to many people,” explains CEO Ilya Beyrak. “We now just say Resultly lets you ‘follow’ anything you are interested in from across the web. In today’s age, people seem to grasp the notion of follow to mean that they will receive updates on something when it changes or when there’s something new about it.”

Compared to the early Resultly, results now come in faster and from more sources, like eBay. One site that’s conspicuously missing is Ticketmaster, which requires companies to have 1 million unique visitors per month before plugging into its data.

Looking forward, the 10-person Resultly team is working on alerts for music and entertainment, so you can see when the latest episodes or songs are posted on Netflix, Hulu, or Spotify. And users will eventually be able to get alerts about home foreclosures in their zip code, or new cars at local car dealerships.

It may be hard to say what Resultly is, but if it can score you deals and save you time searching, it’s definitely something useful.

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