Retailers Can Easily Leverage Amazon Customer Reviews (And Others) With Klaggle

September 22, 2010

11:10 pm

Nothing sells a product better than customer reviews. But with the deluge of comments and reviews dispersed across the web, it’s hard to know exactly what the verdict is about a certain product. It can be exhausting to go online and find a product you like and then research reviews across multiple sites to determine whether you should purchase it or not. By that time, you may have even forgotten where you originally saw it. Now, thanks to Klaggle, consumers and retailers can review their fellow shoppers’ comments in a detailed and visually appealing approach without having to search the web and aggregate their own results.

Klaggle nSight aggregates review content from across the web and displays it within the colorful and organized in-site application. The widget allows customers to see multiple reviews without leaving the product’s page. Klaggle nSight even categorizes the reviews so that you don’t have to read through every comment to find what you’re looking for.

For example, Penn Camera is a great camera shop in the DC-area, but they sell the same cameras that are sold across thousands of other camera sites. So even if you found a camera you like on, you’d likely end up on many other sites, like Amazon, looking up reviews of the new Canon EOS Digital Rebel you’re interest in, which could be bad news for Penn Camera if you forget to come back or get lured into someone else’s special.

However, Penn Camera put the Klaggle nSight widget on their page, so now they’ve got thousands of user comments within their own site (including Amazon reviews) allowing people to browse reviews and ratings in an organized way, without ever leaving That’s good news for Penn Camera.

Klaggle also provides immediate access to substantive and relevant product review content that helps retailers and online sellers understand their customers’ buying behavior. Their system extracts and clusters thousands of opinions on specific products, and their most talked about features and attributes, from existing reviews and transforms the information into real-time, summarized opinion ratings and review snapshots that are relevant and helpful to consumers in making informed buying decisions.

The system is fully hosted by Klaggle and they offer retailers a free 30 day trial. Additional pricing is only available by contacting the company.

The Klaggle team will be on hand presenting their innovative product at TECH cocktail DC Fall 2010 on September 29th.

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