Retrollect Brings View-Master Style Discs Together with Social Media

May 11, 2011

11:33 am

If you are a child of the ‘80s, you no doubt remember View-Masters, those bulky contraptions that looked like a cross between a camera and binoculars that allowed you to view tiny little slides that came on a disc. Fun when we were in elementary school, and fun again thanks to LA-based startup Border Stylo.

Their new, free app, Retrollect, which is available for the iPhone and Android, enables users to create a visual mash-up of their lives through virtual View-Master style discs. You can create a disc using photos, tweets and status updates from multiple content sources and then share it on Facebook, Twitter, or the Retrollect community – right from the app.

Basically, you are creating an online scrapbook using photos and social media. Makes sharing that weekend getaway, concert experience, or party much more fun. As the Border Stylo team says, if it is worth remembering, it is worth Retrollecting.

Retrollect Mobile App

Retrollect Mobile App

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