ROR: Return on Relationships! @TedRubin & The Mantra For Future Marketing Success

August 24, 2011

9:32 am

Today’s post by Tech Cocktail contributor Samantha Strauss (@SFSam22) is the third of a collection of interviews with some heavyweight social media industry personalities with a goal to highlight the entrepreneur in all of us. Read the previous posts: Never Stop Learning! Twitter Celebrity @Flipbooks on Social Media and Entrepreneurship and Share Learn Grow! An Interview with Twitter’s Famed @CharityIdeas

Ted Rubin, Chief Social Marketing Officer at Collective Bias and @TedRubin on Twitter

Ted Rubin, Chief Social Marketing Officer at Collective Bias and @TedRubin on Twitter

As the “most followed CMO” on Twitter with more than fifty-thousand followers, Ted Rubin is known in the social media world as a marketing wiz to beat.  In May of this year Ted left his role as Chief Social Marketing Officer at OpenSky, the online shopping network curated by “the world’s most interesting people,” to found a new social customer service division of Collective Bias, a shopper media agency which builds true relationships between brands, retailers and consumers. At CollectiveBias, Ted is focused on teaching brands and marketers about the importance of ROR: Return on Relationships.

Ted coined ROR to amplify the concept that the true value of brand and personal marketing is in the relationships created. Ted embodies this concept every time he speaks at an event and then interacts with the community. His enthusiastic, energetic and good-hearted demeanor encourages all to interact with him and be optimistic about the future, as one can see in Ted’s #140Conf presentation posted below. As Ted’s Twitter bio states: “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass… it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

As entrepreneurs and social media marketers, it is our responsibility to pay attention to the relationships between our products/services and our customers/consumers. As we know, life is about building relationships, and now is the time to ensure that our relationships are part of our businesses too.

Recently, we had the opportunity to chat with Ted about why ROR is so important and what all entrepreneurs should keep in mind when striving for success.  Here is what Ted shared with us:

TC: How did you get started? What’s your story?

Ted: I began my online career with Seth Godin in 1997 at his company Yoyodyne which was acquired by Yahoo in 1998. I’ve had a front row seat to the evolution of online marketing from what was traditional media and commerce first experiencing the move to digital, which was nothing more than simple communication and catalog tools, to full fledged digital commerce and communication… and now scaled Social Communication which so wonderfully incorporates this Relationship component that is for me, the ultimate value… communicating, sharing, and building relationships with people you learn to know and trust.

TC: What are you working on now?

Ted: I have joined Collective Bias, a leading shopper media company, as Chief Social Marketing Officer and have Co-Founded a new services division called cb.socially. The division is devoted to conversational media management, engagement, interaction and relationship building activities for brand and retail clients.

TC: What is ROR and why is it important?

Ted: ROR, Return on Relationship… simply put the value that accrues to a person or brand due to nurturing a relationship. The marketing paradigm is shifting with much greater “power to the people” facilitated by social media. If you want to continue to reach your market, it’s not about advertising any more, but about building relationships.

TC: What is one characteristic that you believe every leader should possess?

Ted: Integrity

TC: Can you name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you as a leader? Maybe someone who has been a mentor to you? How did this person impact your life?

Ted: My Junior High and High School wrestling coach who taught me about hard work, never giving up, teamwork, and being there for others.

TC: What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as a leader?

Ted: Listening and learning every day.

TC: What are the key attributes of a successful entrepreneur?

Ted: Unyielding belief in

what they’re doing. Incredible persistence (never gives up). Good communicator/listener. Amazing judge of talent.

TC: Is there a guiding principle that you wish you knew when you started that you know now?

Ted: “In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.” ~ Camus – So important to discover for us all.

TC: Which key social media tools should entrepreneurs and startups use to build their business?

Ted: Twitter.

TC: What would you say to a budding entrepreneur?

Ted: “A Fool doesn’t learn from his mistakes, a Smart person learns from his mistakes, but a Wise person learns from others’ mistakes”… WE NEED MORE WISDOM IN THE WORLD!

TC: What key characteristics helped you build your Facebook Fan Page?

Ted: Understanding the value of relationships, genuinely caring about others, connecting whenever possible doing my best to interact and engage. 

TC: If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Ted: The ability to change other people’s lives for the better.

TC: If you could meet anyone in the world (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

Ted: John F. Kennedy. Because of this quote… “A man does what he must – in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures – and that is the basis of all human morality.” ~JFK

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Samantha has been a long time contributor to Tech Cocktail, and runs SLS Consulting, a marketing and partnerships practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. Follow Samantha at @sfsam22.

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