Reuters Launches Partner Marketplace for High Value Video Content

August 18, 2015

6:00 pm

Last week, media giant Reuters launched the Reuters Partner Marketplace. The goal is to provide Reuters clients with fully-licensed high value video content that is easily accessible and uploadable. This will allow clients to enhance their storytelling through videos that depict breaking news footage, celebrity news, viral videos, or any number of topics.

“Reuters Partner Marketplace will help our clients enrich their coverage, save time and resources and access a growing pool of content, all through our easily accessed and dependable web-based delivery platform Media Express,”Hristo Guertchev, Senior Product Manager for Reuters, said in a statement. “Reuters carefully selects each partner to ensure that content is relevant to the needs of news organisations globally. We plan to add new partners over the next few months to further enhance our offering to clients.”

Each partner was handpicked by Reuters for authenticity and accuracy, and each one offers something different:

  • Next Media Animations – Offers colourful, eye-catching and informative animated news, science and innovation explainers, and animated storytelling
  • Hollywood.TV – one of the top celebrity news providers in the world, bringing all the latest celebrity news, interviews, gossip and candid videos.
  • Rumble – delivers social video news from around the world, with over 13,000 creators contributing to a portfolio of over 80,000 social and viral videos.

Rumble in particular has created a unique platform. They  let content creators host, share, and create channels to be distributed online across a multitude of platforms including YouTube, MSN, Yahoo, etc.  They also offer multiple ways for publishers to monetize their videos. If a video is licensed by Rumble, publishers will get 50% off the top in revenue – the creator will then get 60% of the remaining revenue with the other 40% going to Rumble.

Rumble has also created a proprietary algorithm called “Rumble Rank”. It helps predict the virality of a video uploaded by its creator before it’s been distributed. This benefits both the media publishers and the creators in that it helps the publishers find the most worthy content and the creators can predict how well they will get paid, or maybe learn a lesson for next time.

“Instead of having recruiters or editors going through 1000’s of videos, we use our Rumble Rank to source the best videos and then intelligently distribute them” says Wojtek Hlibowicki, CTO of Rumble in a statement. “Of course we have a human layer, but that doesn’t happen until the Rumble Rank discovers what to look at, and what we should approve.”

This partnership is part of Reuters News Agency’s expansion to create end-to-end solutions for digital publishers and broadcasters.

Image Credit: Flickr/woodleywonderworks



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