Get Your Kids Coding Early, They Might Even Surpass Your Skill Level

April 4, 2014

1:38 pm

Rick Duggan’s son is 13 years old, has been building apps since he was 11, and he already has more experience with coding and developing than most people alive. But Duggan’s son isn’t alone in this scenario as there are many children who express the desire to begin learning coding and development at a young age.

On March 29, Zappos Tech hosted an event at the Downtown Vegas Container Park called An Hour of Code. The event was open to the public and held the express purpose of showing that anybody can learn to code.

The turnout for the event was great, but the parents of interested children kept asking Duggan if there was a club or other events they could sign up for. Duggan had to keep telling them that there was nothing else, and he got sick of it after a while. So, he went on and set up a programming group for kids.

“I have modest aspirations, and I’m just going to see where it goes,” says Duggan. “We have our first meeting set up for April 15 to understand how people want to make use of the group. Even if it splinters off into more subgroups, the point is that kids will have the chance to learn about coding.”

Anybody in the Las Vegas area who is interested should check out the page or swing by the event on April 15 at Work in Progress from 5 to 6 pm. The initial response has been big, and Duggan is looking forward to giving these kids an opportunity to learn something new.

“Kids that already have an iPad or something to play with have a supernatural aptitude for something like this and I’m excited to help them release that skill,” says Duggan. “It’s cool that they have this creativity outlet that didn’t exist 20 years ago.”

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