Finding the Right Recruiter Is Critical to Hiring Best Millennial Talent

June 22, 2016

11:49 am

For new grads, it can be nerve wrecking to figure out how to make yourself marketable and attractive to employers when you may be lacking in experience. And it can be even more intimidating for companies to find effective ways to hire qualified millennial candidates. In a new report by Chicago-based, recruitment-focused company Yello , the company explores the ways that Millennials can actually be attractive hires for companies, and the ways that companies can best accommodate them into the workforce.

Here are the most important tools that impact your company’s ability to hire qualified millennial candidates.

The Tech That Helps Make Hiring Easier

Hiring tactics can vary between companies, but according to Yello’s research and report, there are some unexpected tactics that make the most impact with millennial candidates. Surprisingly, the incorporation of tech played a significant role in attracting (and retaining) qualified millennial candidates. Some companies and fields are slow to adapt technological trends to their daily task-completion routines, but for millennials, it’s important that there is a balance between tech-forward and old-school communication to have maximum success in attracting them for hiring and retention.

Companies with strong mobile strategies have the most impact on attracting millennial candidates – Yello reports that “approximately 20 percent of respondents have applied for positions via their mobile devices” – with the same percentage saying that they were turned off from applying for positions when they didn’t have mobile-friendly application options.

Along with that, 44 percent of respondents indicated that “an organization’s website is the best place to research the company”. This is incredibly valuable for corporations, as they have complete control over the structure, content, and presentation of the company website. So, why not make it as comprehensive as possible? Especially compared to third-party review sites, career centers, and friend referrals, which are also popular methods of attracting candidates to job openings.

The Most Important Person to Influence Hiring

However, technology isn’t the sole driver to attract millennial candidates to companies. In fact, there’s one role that is even more influential for candidates than all of the tech combined. And it’s a role that you’re most likely already using.

Who are they? Recruiters.

Though they may have a varied reputation depending on whether you’re effectively utilizing them or not, recruiters play a large role in finding qualified candidates to fill these roles. A stunning 64 percent indicated in the research that “the recruiter they worked with during the interview process impacted their decision to accept the job”.

64 percent. That’s an incredible number too important to leave up to chance. If companies want to maximize the candidates that are applying and reaching out for these positions, it’s wise to emphasize the importance of recruiters and hiring technology already available to organizations and companies.

If you’re looking to revamp your hiring practices to attract more millennial candidates, incorporating these tips will have a significant impact on your success. After all, it’s important to seek these candidates where they are.

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