Wake Up In Style – Rise Alarm

December 7, 2010

5:24 pm

Last month we did an interview with mobile app expert and author of App Savvy, Ken Yarmosh. Ken literally wrote the book about building and launching mobile apps, so we are excited today to announce his own app, Rise Alarm, is now available in the iTunes app store. The app is available for both iPhone and iPad. As the description says:

It’s a beautiful alarm clock app that reinvents the category, paying homage to classic and modern alarm clocks that use to sit bedside, while adopting the benefits available in Apple’s amazing platform.

Features include easy access to clock functions through swipe gestures (nap, alarms, and brightness), three analog clock faces that are extremely visible in low light, six different sounds that are pleasing to the ear but effective at their job (waking you up!), and guaranteed effectiveness by using local notifications; the alarm will trigger even if the app is not running.

We like that the “clock” face takes up the entire screen, and that settings are accessible via a simple swipe versus buried in another area. As a frequent traveler who depends on a phone as a daily wake up call, I’m tired of the crickets or harp of the standard iPhone alarm but also need complete reliability, so this will be a welcome change. Because Rise Alarm only uses supported Apple functionality, it should be just as reliable.

Download Rise Alarm Universal from iTunesRise Alarm Universal - App Savvy

Congrats, Ken. We’re excited to see what future additions and new apps will come from AppSavvy.

Rise Alarm

Rise Alarm

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