RoboCORE: A Heart to Power Any Robot you Imagine

March 3, 2015

9:00 pm

It’s an important question to ask: are robots and robotics not a cornerstone of the mainstream because there’s an inherent trust issue between humans and robots? Or is it something entirely different?

Husarion, a Poland based startup is seeking funding via Kickstarter for RoboCORE, a device that acts as the ‘heart’ of a DIY robot. They’re seeking funding precisely because they want to bring robotics into the mainstream consumer market, and RoboCORE will help enthusiasts and companies easily build their own robots; there’s no need for programming or engineering skills.

“The design and production of robot components is so costly that robots are currently used mainly for military and industrial purposes,” says Dominik Nowak, CEO at Husarion. “There’s been little or no opportunity for robotics to become widespread. Our mission is to make out-of-the-box modules available so that anyone can create an inexpensive robot with advanced capabilities.”

In effect, RoboCORE gives people the hardware and software to build almost any robot they can imagine. What’s more, ti’s not dependent on any particular mechanics system, so you can use simple metal constructions or even LEGO bricks.

As Nowak, would say, RoboCORE isn’t just a driver it’s an entire ecosystem.

“Stretch your brain cells, develop the passion and discover the new opportunities,” says Nowak. “You’ve got your own personal computer, now it’s time for your personal robot.”

For example creating a simple telepresence robot takes less than an hour; you can build one for $300 in 45 minutes, with mechanics taking up about 75 percent of that time. And, unlike some of the competition, RoboCORE lets users control or code their robot from anywhere in the world via the cloud.

The Kickstarter campaign is currently seeking $50,000 total and at the time of this writing they’ve reached $38,159.



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