Roboming Is the Little Robot Helper You Need Around Your House

October 24, 2016

6:30 pm

When the Jetsons originally aired, flying cars and helpful robots were nothing more than a sci-fi pipe dreams. Audio cassettes, LED lights, and silicon breast implants had just been invented and revolutionary automotive technology and robotic assistants weren’t even on the to-do list. But in recent years, technology has exploded, providing consumers with Jetsons-like devices at every turn.

One such device is Roboming, a tiny little robot that is designed to help you around the house. Its features are more expansive than its stylish design, including the ability to listen to user commands, recognize and follow users, keep an eye on an empty house, as well as keep pets occupied.

“Roboming is always willing to help out and enjoys offering you convenience and fun,” says the Indiegogo campaign. “With Roboming, you’ll always have a faithful and warm welcome when you arrive home, never have to worry about an unsecured home, lonely house pets, or the dreadful feeling of wondering if you left the sink running.”

Whether you want to pre-program your morning routine or allow Roboming to freely wander around your house with the precision of self-driving cars, this little robot is designed for easy-of-use in every day life. With its simple tabletop head, it can carry up to 7 pounds of everything from drinks to flowers. And its body is heavy-duty, so pets are no problem for Roboming.


While you might think Roboming is missing a few notable features, the key here is simplicity. Too much technology in recent years has been heavy on features and light on user experience. Roboming guarantees users the seamless integration into your daily schedule that so many people desire when it comes to technology.

The creators of Roboming have launched an Indiegogo campaign in hopes of raising the funds necessary to scale this hi-tech companion. With nearly 100 backers, the campaign has raised almost half of its goal of $50,000. Early bird prices are hovering at $199 right now and are likely to ship in March of 2017.

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