RockMyRun and ZTE: A Robust Fusion of Music and Tech

July 15, 2015

9:00 pm

You’re out for a run, you absolutely crushed it at work, and the sun is slowly sinking behind the far off horizon. Pumped doesn’t begin to describe how great you feel – maybe you’ll set that new personal record on your mile time.

The music is bumping, but then all of the sudden an unexpected track comes on that’s perhaps a bit too low key. It totally throws off your pace as you fumble to change the song, even if it’s only a few seconds: seconds count for a lot when you’re trying to shave time off your mile.

There’s a company here in San Diego that built a solution to end this problem forever. It’s not new either; in fact they won our San Diego mixer in 2014: RockMyRun.

Operating under the banner of Rock My World, RockMyRun is far more than playlists curated by legitimate DJs. Not only do the playlist offerings span every genre of music, you could also say that they’re “smart”.

As the RockMyRun team says, their Body Driven Music feature – called myBeat STEPS – actually adjusts the music tempo of your selected mix in real time to match the pace at which your feet are hitting the ground. It’s a highly personalized experience for runners and walkers alike.

Everything was built with Rock My World’s mission in mind: help people get fit and stay fit via a strong fusion of music and technology. To that end, they announced a partnership with ZTE’s flagship smartphone, the Axon Phone.

If you’re not familiar, the Axon is an Android powered smartphone designed specifically for people who live active lifestyles. As the partnership dictates, RockMyRun will now come preloaded on the Axon, accessible through the music player and the app tray.

“By integrating our app directly into the new Axon smartphone, we have helped create the most personalized, high end accessory for an active lifestyle,” says Adam Riggs-Zeigen, CEO and cofounder of Rock My World. “This partnership with ZTE has allowed us to showcase our myBeat STEPS feature on one of the top Android devices available in the market.”

Since starting up, the crew at Rock My World has been able to prove that the RockMyRun app actually increases motivation during exercise by up to 35 percent. In the coming months they’ll be working to build off that success and expand their footprint even more.

That means additional device and software partnerships as well as the introduction of myBeat HEART onto the Android platform. Also, even though the team has been focusing more on Android recently, they haven’t forgotten about the iOS users: there’s an app offering for that whole segment as well.

Summer might be halfway over, but it’s never too late to start building the body of your dreams. As somebody who has personally used RockMyRun I can vouch for the platform too – it’s too cool and it’ll pump you up for your runs without question.

Image Credit: Pixabay


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