Rohit Bhargava Doesn’t Think You Should Over-Focus on Company Branding

July 28, 2014

7:56 pm

As an author Rohit Bhargava has written three physical books and published two e-books. As the CEO at Influential Marketing Group, he’s just as comfortable.

That’s because in addition to being a dynamite author, Bhargava has always been a marketing and branding guy. He started out at a big time agency, but when he shifted into starting his own company he had a major realization.

He was spending too much time crafting the company brand versus actually focusing on the company vision. But part of what makes a great entrepreneur is the ability to fail fast, often, and forward, and Bhargava doesn’t have the same approach to marketing anymore.

Experience has show him how startups make or break themselves via branding. According to Bhargava, one of the most frequent and grave mistakes he sees is when a startup thinks the only way they can make money is to sell advertising.

The issue is that, as a startup, you don’t have enough people to successfully pull this off. Bhargava told Frank Gruber, during his Startup Mixology book tour stop in Washington D.C., that the proper course of action is to sell something focused on sponsorship or content.

Here’s the video:




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