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October 5, 2017

2:30 pm

Innovate Celebrate 2017 comes with a variety of flashy events, from the 100 pitches our Startup of the Year semifinalists will be blazing through, to the escape rooms and improv classes we’ll have available. But when you’re looking for the skinny on entrepreneurship, you’ll want to find a mentor.

Mentor Circles Presented by Revelry offer the opportunity to hear the challenges that your fellow entrepreneurs are facing, so that you can learn from each other under the guidance of mentors. We’re offering nine Mentor Circles at Innovate Celebrate in order to help diversify the experience and sharing offered to attendees.

We could talk about our stellar roster of mentors forever — and we did just that in this post and this post and this post — but when you’re looking for a mentor circle to dive into, you want to know just one thing: What subject they’ll be mentoring you on. Take a look at a few examples here.

The Mentor Circle Covers Everything From Fundraising and Research…

Tyler Suiters and Steve Koenig from CTA offer a wealth of broadcast communication and media experience in addition to insight into technology trends and their impact on consumer attitudes and behavior. Don’t miss the opportunity to chat with these two about consumer market research and technology innovation!

Erica Duignan Minnihan and Marvin Liao are a pair of mentors that will offer top notch guidance to those seeking fundraising! Erica is the Cofounder and Managing Partner, CoFounders Lab, and Marvin is a Partner at 500 Startups.

…to Scaling and Branding…

Matt Galligan and Susan Cooney are seasoned startup and product veterans – this conversation is sure to deliver top-notch insight on the struggle of business formation, product development, and scaling your company.

UX can make all the difference in a successful product! Mike Macadaan & Jason Putorti lead a mentor circle to help founders with branding initiatives, creative problem solving, and community empowerment.

We’re especially thrilled to bring attendees two representatives to the US Patent and Trademark Office! What have you always wanted to know about intellectual property? Meet with Chau Nguyen and Andrew Polay to discuss IP basis, the patent application process, and all aspects of intellectual property law.

…and a Whole Lot More

For startups seeking funding, it can be an overwhelming challenge to understand the process. Cheryl Foil of Kiddar Capital and Eric Hsia of Translink Capital are here to chat with founders about the mysterious Seed, Series A, and Series B rounds.

The pains of scaling and funding a business are struggles that startups universally share. Brittany Laughlin & Thomas Knoll are here to answer all the hard questions that you face in those early days of creating your team, finding your market, and evaluating the right investment partner. Brittany’s VC firm was specially designed to meet the early stage market niche, and Thomas is an experienced startup founder and executive advisor.

Larry Richenstein & Kate Drane will lead a topical roundtable specially designed for hardware startups! Kate is the Senior Director of hardware outreach for Indiegogo, and Larry is the Director at New York Angels with specific experience getting hardware patents and going through the unique challenges of funding hardware startups.

Dr. Ray Muzyka joins us from Canada and Jeff Slobotski is credited for creating the Silicon Prairie – so global startup founders will find common ground here. Dr. Muzyka is a leader in sustainable, profitable impact investing and social entrepreneurs, with a special focus on medical innovations. Jeff is also especially prepared to help your company make an impact. Social and medical entrepreneurs will find a wealth of advice in this session!

Attendees and startups can also participate in Mentor Sessions Presented by Revelry to receive the holy grail of mentoring: a one-on-one session that will deliver valuable knowledge to help your business grow. Amid the networking and the excursions of Innovate Celebrate 2017, these mentor sessions and circles present a time to slow down and hold a quiet and productive conversation. 

Register Now to Attend Innovate Celebrate 2017

Make sure to join us at the Innovate Celebrate conference in San Francisco, CA. The event will take place October 9-11, and it is held in partnership with the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

This year, we are proud to offer the Mentor Sessions and Mentor Circles Presented by Revelry thanks to support from the team at Revelry. Revelry builds digital products to help companies scale, automate workflows, and deliver on innovation faster than their competitors. 

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