Track Your Healthy Habits Using New App from RoutineTap

February 9, 2012

1:00 pm

New Year’s resolutions: easy to make, easier to break.  If you’re still struggling to get into a regular exercise routine, sleep more, eat healthier, drink less alcohol and more water, a new web app called RoutineTap just might come in handy.

The nice thing about this Lisbon, Portugal-based progress-tracking app is that it’s customizable.  You simply decide on your goals and choose daily questions to answer.  Your answers generate charts and graphs that quantify your life, making it super easy to keep tabs on how you’re doing.

There are 2 caveats, though: it relies on the honor system, so there’s no one to answer to but yourself, and for it to actually work, you do need to take the time to log in every day and answer your questions.  Basically you have to be motivated and committed to making positive changes.

While RoutineTap is not the first app out there to help you live a more healthy life, it is probably the only one inspired by the ancient Chinese art of QiGong.  Because I love a good story, here is what founder Miguel Ping told me:

It all started when I being the practice of QiGong in 2007, which enables one to live a more healthy life and to perform better, irrespective of what one does. One of the requisites of proper practice is daily practice (pretty much as in all forms of art or craftmanship).

One of the guys from my class had a word document where you could track your own progress on some topics like appetite, anxiety and so on. The main idea was that you would put some values in the doc at the end of each month, and then you would judge if your practice had any effect on you.

Fast forward to last year. Somehow I found out about Sebastian Marshall’s excellent blog, specially this post about getting more stuff done. One of the things he recommends is tracking one’s personal habits to get a better view of what’s going on; you discard bad habits, you add new habits, etc. So a little fast forward again, and I though ‘hey it would be good if I could write an app to help me out tracking my own stuff.’  So I ended up writing RoutineTap in order to ease the job for me.

Right now there’s 1400 users, give or take, and Ping has been investing his time in creating a good user experience rather than promoting the app.  He’s working on a mobile app right now, so stay tuned.

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