Rrripple: Your Private Online Educational Portfolio

September 13, 2010

4:19 pm

Facebook is king when it comes to social networking and sharing, but there is still something that Facebook is missing: complete privacy. With today’s youth living on the web, what’s missing is a platform devoted to encouraging their creativity in a safe environment. When it comes to the education sector, students and teachers need to be able to share their work online without worrying that something will be leaked. Rrripple, an online platform which empowers educators and students to chronicle and share their digital content in a safe and secure environment, aims to help the education sector and more.

Rrripple is your personal, cloud-based, content portfolio. You access your portfolio via rrripple’s innovative drag-and-drop timeline interface. Once you create your own digital space you are invited to upload and share your content with your chosen groups. Your portfolio can house a wide range of media from photos to notes, which you can then decide who to share with, putting you in control of your content. All of your content is neatly organized in a visually pleasing timeline so that you can more easily find what you are looking for. Educators can use rrripple to share homework assignments and class related videos with their students in a secure environment even when they are not in the classroom. Small businesses can use rrripple to share proposals and graphics across the cloud. Families can use rrripple to share trip photos without worrying that their children’s faces could be scattered across the web. An individual can even use rrripple to just have a virtual timeline of their latest work. The opportunities for how you can use rrripple are endless.

Co-founders Heather Hiles and Andres Davidovitz created rrripple to make an easy, safe, secure and fun way to share content with the groups in our lives. Rrripple is available online, or as an iPad/iPhone app. If you want to play around with it, you can sign up for your free rrripple account now.

If you are in the Bay area, rrripple will also be on hand as a featured demo at TECH cocktail San Francisco tonight, September 14th. Be sure to stop by Roe between 6:30pm and 10:00pm and see firsthand how rrripple helps “life flow.”

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Samantha has been a long time contributor to Tech Cocktail, and runs SLS Consulting, a marketing and partnerships practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. Follow Samantha at @sfsam22.

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