Ruin the Spirit of Pokémon Go with the Pokédrone

July 15, 2016

1:15 pm

Since the launch of the popular mobile game, Pokémon Go, people have been trying to hack the gameplay in as many ways as possible. Some people are tying their phones to ceiling fans to hatch eggs faster. One person strapped their smartphone to the bottom of a drone to catch more Pokémon. And one genius thought throwing his actual smartphone at the ground would make capturing a Squirtle more simple. And while millions of people try out more homemade remedies to catch these elusive creatures, one company has decided to take matters into their own hands. And they nailed it.

My dutiful Chansey helping me hatch some eggs.

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That’s right, TRNDLabs has released a video that showcases their new design: the Pokédrone. The small drone, equipped with custom controller that attaches to your smartphone, will make it easier than ever to search for Pokémon without moving. The drone is equipped with GPS technology and a front-facing camera that will make walking around a thing of the past.

To further explain the technology, TRNDLabs released this statement on their website:

“Once connected via WiFi to your phone, the Pokémon GO app uses the Pokédrone’s GPS and camera instead of the phone’s GPS and Camera. With the Pokédrone’s auto take-off & land function there is no need to worry about your drone-flying skills. The drone can also hover in one place making it super easy to catch ‘em all for everyone who is more into Pokémon than drones.”

Unfortunately, you can’t buy this drone yet and there’s a chance you won’t get to. In order to use the “Poké” name, a license agreement must be made and that is yet to happen. Fortunately, the tech firm is confident that the genius idea will make the Pokémon Company see the necessity for this type of innovation when it comes to the immensely popular mobile game.

On the other hand, the Pokédrone takes away the one redeeming factor of this social phenomenon: exercise. People that are prone to indoor activities and lonesome behaviors have been getting out of the house and meeting new friends because of this game. But with this drone, you’ll be able to resume your sedentary, isolated life as if the outdoors never existed in the first place. Rather than a paradigm shifting mobile game, Pokémon Go will become just another fad contributing to the laziness of another generation. And trust me, we’ve got plenty of those.

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