Running low on power for your electric vehicle? Find the nearest charge station with EV Charge Search

February 12, 2013

5:00 pm

It’s a well-known fact that when an electrical device runs out of power, it just becomes a paperweight (some paperweights are heavier than others), and for the most part, becomes useless. While running out of power might not be so bad with an electric toothbrush, an electric vehicle that runs out of power when driving could potentially create a life-threatening crisis (for you and for others). With an increase of electric vehicles on the road, and the lacking infrastructure of electric charging stations, how are we supposed to keep our electric vehicles powered on throughout a travel day? Problem solved with EV Charge Search.

Tech Cocktail: What is EV Charge Search?

Greg Monterrosa: EV Charge Search (@EVChargeSearch) is the most comprehensive directory for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations. We help connect people with electric vehicles to charging stations, and we’re really excited for our launch in Spring 2013!

Tech Cocktail: Who founded EV Charge Search?

Monterrosa (Greg Monterrosa, @gregmetro): I help people start companies. I am the cofounder of MyLLC and ranked as one of the most influential people online by Fast Company.

Tech Cocktail: What was the inspiration behind EV Charge Search?

Monterrosa: The inspiration came one morning when a friend and I were talking about electric vehicles and realized there was no central database for public charging stations. So we set out to build one. Working with the manufacturers and installers of public charging stations has been a lot of rewarding work.

Tech Cocktail: Who is EV Charge Search’s greatest competitor and how do you differentiate yourself?

Monterrosa: They built a network of charging stations. At EV Charge Search, we will have all networks and public charging stations listed.

Tech Cocktail: What is the biggest advantage and disadvantage of starting up in your city?

Monterrosa: Los Angeles has it all; it’s pretty easy to find partners, resources, and support. Los Angeles wants revenue and content, Silicon Valley wants tech, and New York wants eyes.

Tech Cocktail: Describe a challenging moment or a crucial decision for EV Charge Search. How did you deal with it, and what did you learn from it?

EV Charge Search: A challenge was getting the technology built, so we partnered up with a software company to develop and build EV Charge Search.

EV Charge Search was part of our Tech Cocktail Los Angeles Startup Showcase + Sessions in December.

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