How Runtastic Used Social Media to Encourage Users

April 29, 2016

10:55 am

Just a few months before Adidas acquired Runtastic last summer for the mind-blowing amount of $240 million, cofounder and CEO Florian Gschwandtner sat down with us at SXSW to talk about how he took his startup from a software company to one that develops hardware, and also about the value he found in social media when it came to engaging users.

The Swiss-based company started out in the software biz where they tracked different activities such as sailboat racing, running, and biking. After noticing the trend in wearables, they pivoted to a hardware company. It wasn’t an easy transition but they were lucky enough to find a partner who had been in the hardware business for 20 years to help get their products off the ground.

Once they started building their fitness tracking wearable, they immediately saw the value in social network integration. Gschwandtner realized that people tend to workout more when they see their friends doing it or when they’re invited by their friends to join in. Even more importantly, people love to brag about their workouts on social media after they’ve completed them.

“I think it’s very positive when you’re doing workouts. It’s not sharing ‘I just gamed for three hours and ate bad things,’ but ‘I really did a workout, I’m feeling great.’ I can share the photos, it was sunny, I can share the passion. And I think that’s really the success behind it.”

You can watch the full interview here:

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