Ruxit Shows the World a Different Side of Artificial Intelligence

July 30, 2015

8:00 pm

For better or worse, people are innovating with artificial intelligence (AI) a lot these days. To that end AI has become more main stream, hitting both consumer technologies and enterprise level companies equally even though some have big reservations about it.

Ruxit has made it their mission to integrate their AI SaaS into enterprise software to manage applications and globally distributed data centers. That is, their grand vision is to run data centers and cloud services via fully automated servers that only involve humans when their expertise and skills are needed.

“Our vision is a no operations environment where companies no longer need to pay people to watch dashboards and perform eyeball analytics on ever increasing amounts of data” says Bernd Greifeneder, founder of Ruxit. “All these tasks are performed by Ruxit automatically. Human action is only required when the skill set and creative of human problem solving is required”

To accomplish these goals the team at Ruxit has built some innovative application monitoring functionalities into the platform. Chief among these features is that Ruxit can discover a whole data center in less than 10 minutes.

It only requires a small agent installation to get Ruxit integrated into a system, and then it builds up a real time model of everything that’s running and how all the systems are connected. By monitoring all the components the AI learns normal behavior and sets a baseline so Ruxit can detect any future changes.

From that point, based on the information discovered, Ruxit generates infographics that visualize all the key information about a specific environment. In case there are any problems, the AI will go beyond notifying operations about abnormal behavior: a key component of the engine is to relate individual failing components together to understand causal dependencies.

“Today non-monitoring experts feel locked out and the information is hidden from them like a needle in the haystack. The information quality is also very subjective to the experience of the person in charge,” says Greifeneder. “Ruxit literally tells you what was the root cause is for why an app breaks.”

We see in Ruxit a very different approach than what other vendors are doing in the market, but after all they thrive on the central pillar of being an “un-startup”. As they keep moving forward they’re determined to break 1,000 paying customers. It’s an ambitious goal, but Ruxit is an ambitious company – after all, they’re innovating in the world of AI.

Image Credit: Pixabay

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