S3NSE: Real-Time Data Analytics Dashboards for Fast Decision-Making

February 3, 2014

3:25 pm

Economist and finance consultant Juan Montoya spent many years analyzing and modeling data for some of the country’s biggest companies and institutions.  Now a tech entrepreneur, Montoya founded S3NSE to help managers make faster data-driven decisions with the aid of integrated, beautifully visualized, and easily digestible data dashboards.

Montoya’s aim with S3NSE is to resolve the manager’s dilemma: many data and indicators, and very limited time to use data to make decisions quickly.  “When you see data, it often is 30 days old,  it took four days to put together a report, it is not the easiest thing to understand, and by the time you get it is not really actionable,” says Montoya, reflecting on his consulting experience.

The S3NSE analytics platform solves that problem by integrating to any database and creating compelling, easy to access dashboards for managers in any industry.  Montoya says that “what the dashboards allow you to do is consolidate data from many sources and do it in a way that it is easily digestible, view it from anywhere – from your mobile phone to your tablet, to your computer, and view it not as a report, but in real-time.”

Montoya’s goal for 2014 is to scale S3NSE, which already has an interesting roster of clients, including the likes of McDonald’s in Latin America.


The S3NSE platform can integrate data from any database via API.

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