Samsung to Pay Apple for Violating Their Patents

December 7, 2015

10:00 pm

For the longest time, the two leaders in the smartphone industry – Samsung and Apple – have been embroiled in patent battles all around the globe. Even if the case comes to an end, it’s usually appealed and the entire cycle begins again.

In another ongoing battle between Samsung and Apple, the former company finally announced that it will pay its rival a sum of more than $548 million after going to a lot of lengths to avoid paying anything all together. This payment is to be made for infringing on the designs and patents of the iPhone maker and its biggest competitor.

On Thursday, the South Korean manufacturer filed papers in a federal court in San Jose, California in which the company declared that the payment will be made by December 14 if they received an invoice from Apple by Friday. No comment was made by the iPhone pioneer on Friday when they were asked if they had complied with Samsung’s condition for receiving the rewards. In 2012, a verdict had been reached in a patent battle where it was declared that Samsung had infringed on the patents of Apple Inc. and had copied the looks of the iPhone.

Samsung had been ordered to pay Apple a sum of $930 million for the violation, but it had been reduced last May by a US appeals court by $382 million, which left around $548 million to be paid. There is another trial that’s scheduled to go ahead next spring, which is also concerned with remaining damages pertaining to some of the products of Samsung that are also part of this case. Even though damages had been authorized by the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington D.C. in May, the final figure had again been appealed by the South Korean smartphone giant in the same court and had been rebuffed twice again.

Now, Samsung has agreed to make the payment, but the company told the San Jose court that it would expect to be reimbursed if its forthcoming appeal made to the US Supreme court is a success. The appeal was made over its liability for using the patented designs of the bezel, surface and user interface of the iPhone, which had constituted about $399 million of the total reward amount. Furthermore, it was also added by Samsung that it also had the right to be reimbursed in the future if the US Patent and Trademark office made a decision that invalidated one of the patents of the iPhone maker that are part of this case. This patent is related to touchscreen gestures.

This ruling will be appealed by Apple and the iPhone maker also stated in court documents that it wasn’t in agreement with Samsung’s rights regarding reimbursement. In a statement, a spokeswoman for Samsung said that they were highly disappointed because the court had agreed to go ahead with the exaggerated claim of damages by Apple Inc. before the validity of the patents can be confirmed.

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