Go Beyond What People Consider “Good Taste”, And You’ll be Remembered

August 16, 2014

6:00 pm

Saul Colt wants to be remembered, but not in the way that the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt did. Rather he wants to be remembered for taking chances with his marketing, and helping other brands take big leaps with their own efforts.

That’s the crux of the talk he gave during Tech Cocktail Week at the book launch for Startup Mixology in Downtown Vegas: be remembered. It’s easier said than done though.

That’s because taking risks means you have to cross a line and go beyond what most people would consider ‘good taste’. Thankfully for us all, Colt is a specialist at understanding other humans and how they react when you cross this line.

That way, when he works with startups, Colt can dive into the customer base and talk with hundreds of customers to know exactly where their line of ‘good taste’ is, and then cross it – but only with two baby steps. If you jump over that line it will all blow up in your face.

It might sound crazy at first thought, but Colt assures us that it’s that small gap where memories are made, and that’s precisely where you want to be as a startup. It’s the noisiest place in the world, vying for attention for your company, but crossing the line is where people remember you and that’s half the battle.

Three or four years ago at SXSW Colt threw a giant ranch party catered by the famous Salt Lick. As it so happens, it was the day after Whitney Houston had died, and he wanted to make it the most memorable party ever.

What did he do? Colt hired a Whitney Houston impersonator. He simply introduced her as Whitney Houston, and everybody loved it. Granted, they loved the food and the venue, but Colt got stopped walking down the street for weeks after by people who remembered the party because of the Whitney Houston impersonator.

He seized that opportunity to reinforce the brand he was talking for because he held these people captive. It might be a bit unorthodox, but there’s some serious wisdom to his words and a definite method to the madness.

Here’s the full video:



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