ScaleWell A Creative Chicago Microfunding Option

March 12, 2010

3:51 pm

Editor’s Note: This video episode was created by Tim Jahn, a longtime Chicago TECH cocktailer and storyteller who produces the online video series, Beyond The Pedway focused on better telling the local business stories in Chicago. You can follow Tim on Twitter: @timjahn.

ScaleWellIn this episode, I am chatting with the folks at ScaleWell, a company based in Chicago that provides up and coming businesses with a crowdsourced community funded grant and a board of trustees with experience and expertise.

  • ScaleWell is a crowdsourced community funded grant for entrepreneurs created to help companies move forward and grow.
  • ScaleWell consists of a $1,000 grant and connecting the company with the network of ScaleWell trustees.
  • The only restriction is that companies are looking to build a business and have something to sell.
  • At the end of a ScaleWell session, the winning company receives a $1000 grant.
  • The trustees in ScaleWell span a range of experience levels and areas of expertise.

If you can’t see the video, please click here. The music featured during the intro and credits of this episode is a song called “Shift Your Gears” from local Chicago band Webelos.

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Tim has conducted over 150 interviews on, a website he founded for creative entrepreneurs to learn from the successes, failures, and journeys of fellow creators. Follow Tim on Twitter @timjahn.

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