Scott Case: Luck Isn’t About Getting Lucky [VIDEO]

January 27, 2014

5:00 pm

If I challenged you to strike up a conversation with a random neighbor, would you do it? According to Scott Case, refusing to do so may keep you from future opportunities. When people talk about startup success, they tend to reference the significance of luck or how certain startups got lucky. Case insists that luck isn’t really about getting lucky; rather, it’s about positioning yourself in a way that leaves you open to the greatest possible number of opportunities. And how do you do that? Work hard to develop your network.

Case was the founding CTO of Priceline and former CEO of Startup America Partnership. Currently, he’s working on a new venture, Main Street Genome, which purportedly aims to change the Main Street economy through software. At a Tech Cocktail Sessions DC, Case talked about the importance of building a strong, meaningful network and how that affects your access to capital (among other things).

“Access to capital is entirely a function of the relationships you’ve developed through the process of building your company…the same applies to great talent,” said Case. “Whether it’s getting the talent…customers…capital…or creating strategic partnerships, you have to lay the groundwork and build those communities along the way.”

In his talk, Case recounts a tale filled with sex and gambling, and how that led him to a successful personal and professional life. He also includes a guideline on how you yourself can create meaningful connections that elevate your opportunities as well as how the Startup America Partnership is attempting to provide these opportunities for startups across the country.

Hitting up a random neighbor is certainly a gamble, but a whole new world becomes available to you when you do. And, I mean, you may luck out and find some hottie who watches Doctor Who, reads The Count of Monte Cristo in the original French, and eats Popeyes off a plate that features a picture of Marin Mersenne (*~*sigh*~* a guy can dream).

Watch Case talk about sex, gambling, luck, and network building. Check out the video below.

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