Scott Hess Talks Millennials, Culture and Marketing to Youth

May 7, 2016

11:55 am

Scott Hess is the executive vice president of Human Intelligence & Research at Spark. He sat down with Frank Gruber for a fireside chat a while back in Chicago and talked about Millennials, why we hate them, how to maintain their employment (because they are necessary and pretty much the decision makers these days), and the importance of youth in marketing and business. He also took a quick dive into singularity.

Hess has done a lot of research on generational theory and has his own thoughts on the theory which he gets into during the chat. First and foremost he believes in life stages over generations. No matter the generation, it’s common for older people to resent younger people for their ability to adapt to the world around them. And while a lot of people think of millennials as lazy and careless, it turns out they are actually more fiscally responsible than previous generations.

As far as singularity, Hess says he is a humanist through and through and does not believe that it will happen in his lifetime. You can watch the entire interview here, which also includes a fireside with Joel Trammell of Khorus:


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