You Won’t Be Able to Resist This Overpriced Poster on Kickstarter

April 16, 2015

8:00 am

I have a confession: I’ve never backed a Kickstarter campaign.

(Does $1 count as backing? I did throw a dollar toward a campaign to support a friend who was doing the marketing.)

A combination of being relatively frugal plus the extremely delayed gratification of Kickstarter projects and the fact that many projects get delayed even more has always put me off.

Until now. (Cue dramatic music.)

I just backed my first campaign for, of all things, something called “Scratchy Map.”

The name doesn’t do it justice; it should be called The Most Beautiful Map of the World You’ve Ever Seen or The Coolest Gift for Your Traveler Friends or something like that. It’s basically a 3’ by 2’ scratch-off map: you scratch off countries as you travel to them, they turn from grey into vibrant colors, and you can see how much of the world you’ve covered:

Scratchy Map 2

You can colorize it with bright colors, just like your life is, thanks to travelling,” says founder Artem Starostenko, who is from Ukraine and whose imperfect English hasn’t scared backers away. With a week to go, he has raised more than 150% of his (modest) goal. Backers should receive their posters on “Juny 30,” which I can only assume (and hope) means June 30 and not July. 

Many things about the marketing of this project seem a bit off. The little tool they provide to scratch off the countries is called a “mediator.” They boast that each poster comes numbered and signed by the founder, which I don’t see the point of. The price ($39 for one or $65 for two) seems a bit excessive. But the product is so damn good that none of this matters.

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