A Unique Social Media Aggregator: Organize Your Digital Information with Scruddle

September 17, 2013

3:00 pm

Due to the sheer volume of information available on the Web, our social media streams can easily get muddled. Simply, your stream turns into the only reality where Britney Spears brushes shoulders with Syria and BuzzFeed’s “21 Cats More Constipated Than You” (not an actual BuzzFeed list, but you’re welcome for the idea). Scruddle will help you deal with that muddle (sorry I’m not sorry for being corny).

Scruddle is a social media aggregator that’s available for mobile and the Web. The platform allows you to collate all of your social feeds – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Foursquare, and others – as well as your email and news feeds into one single feed. What’s great about Scruddle is the ability to search through and organize your feeds in a way that is best digestible according to your preferences.

Around the time that Google+ was released, and after not having been satisfied with tools like HootSuite, Mark Doyle discovered that there wasn’t really a tool that existed that did a great job organizing your online streams. “It’s about better organization of your information; not just having all of your feeds in one app, but completely customizing that experience,” says Doyle, regarding his motivation for Scruddle.

Scruddle provides users with flexible ways of organizing information using “funnels.” Through funnels, information through social media can be categorized both by a specific medium (Facebook or Twitter) and by contact or person. So, for instance, you could place Richard Branson’s Twitter and LinkedIn streams into a funnel, if you wanted. The whole idea, here, is better management of this streaming content, potentially allowing users to view customized streams based on context (different streams at home and at work).

Two of the most notable features of Scruddle include the platform’s 1) indexing feature, which saves all of your social media activity, allowing you to search through your content at a later time, and 2) “social contacts,” which  syncs all of the contacts on your contact list with their respective online, social media profiles. Both of these features still remain a rarity and definitely offer Scruddle an edge in a highly competitive market.

Before judging Scruddle for yourself, however, Doyle does want you to know one thing: “It WILL change. The site is in beta, and I focused on functionality first and foremost. I’m working on a complete UI renovation…so there will definitely be huge improvements in [terms of how it] looks.”

Scruddle was recently featured at Tech Cocktail’s Dallas Mixer & Startup Showcase. Doyle is currently on the lookout for one or more persons to join the company’s leadership.

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